Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Time to Update

Well, another couple of weeks has disappeared so I thought I should get on and update the world as to my goings on! Well, first and foremost I finally have my new printer!! I went with the Canon Pixma Pro9500 and is now referred to as my other baby! (The first baby being the 30D camera, of course!!)

I found this image on the net to show you what it looks like.....

Now just imagine the real life size! Approximately 28" across and perhaps 14" deep, and that doesn't count when the trays are out for printing! So she is a beauty all right! As you can probably guess this is a wide format printer and does up to A3 prints! (Yay me!) As yet I have only printed a couple of small bits and pieces, but what it has printed has been great. With 10 different coloured inks I would have hoped so!!

So, that is one part of the past few weeks. We are still on school holidays, but they are drawing to a close and we start to get ourselves organised for a new school year. Luckily for me the girls are greatly looking forward to being back at school (I wonder if they know how much I am too!). There are still books to cover and the like, but the motivation factor at the moment is pretty low.

Things have been pretty busy with Scrapbook City. I have been updating the blog regularly to keep interesting bits and pieces on there, even did a step-by-step on using the stamp press. Great tool that one, go and check it out if you haven't already.

I just sent some layouts to some pub calls last week and got the nice little surprise of an acceptance from SM on Monday. Funnily enough it was for one that was rejected by For Keeps in the awards for excellence! It is still here on the blog somewhere, it is called "Star in the Making" and is for the upcoming Sports gallery (of course so long as they are happy with it in the flesh...).

I completed the Layout of the Week for Scrapbook City this week. A new section we have where we provide a materials list and instruction for a layout project each week. Since I used some valentine papers I thought it only fitting to scrap a photo of Andrew and my wedding day, and as per usual Andrew cringed looking at another photo of himself! I haven't informed him it is on the net for everyone to see! Can you believe we celebrate 13 years married in early Feb! Time flies......

I was playing around with some digi scrapping the other day. If only I had more time to play...I really enjoyed what I could do and I am learning so much more about Photoshop along the way.
Here is the layout I created, not too bad even if I do say so myself!

Keep a look out in the soon to be released For Keeps (well I think it is this issue!). In the Back to School gallery I should have a page with Erin and her first day of school. Also waiting for my first publications to happen in SM soon too. One for Easter I think, so I guess a month or two there.

Well, thats all from me for now. I will try and update a bit more frequently than I have been doing. But with all the time I spend on here for SBC I kind of loose enthusiasm for my own ventures! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 3 January 2008


Well, can you believe it is 2008 already?! The end of the year certainly disappeared in a big hurry.

I suppose I need to update on all the waitings I had, and I guess by the fact there was no news along the way the results are pretty obvious......

No luck in the Canon 5 competition, but I was very happy with my photos for it, so a great result after all.

No honorable mentions for the Scrapbooking Memories Masters either, again a little disappointing, but there is only room for so many to be published and again I was happy with my creations. I have put them on here for you to have a look and see what you think??!!

On a good note, I have another photograph hanging in the Museum of Brisbane again. I was lucky enough to have my entry for the Lord Mayor's photographic challenge selected for display again this year so that is great. Make sure you go and have a look if you are in town!

Since the last post I have had my birthday too. I was lucky to get a set of reflectors and a lens hood to help with my photography and I am almost all the way there to purchasing my new photo printer (with help from friends and family!). This time I am going to the "pro" end of the range. I am looking at a Canon pro9500 which is a wide format printer with 10 ink cartridges!! At a nice price tag to go with it! But I can't wait!!!

Then we come to Andrew's birthday! He was lucky enough to get the money for buying the work bench he has been after, so he is happy about that. Now we just have to go and get it!

Christmas came rushing in after that with lots of great presents all round. The bes probably being the Wii console that came for the family from Santa! It should post more health warnings though. I have been suffering all sorts of sports injuries since the thing came into the house! But I am getting good at bowling, tennis, golf and boxing!!!

Things are hotting up for a great year at Scrapbook City too, with the launch of a reverse auction for a fantastic prize of a Cricut! How cool!

I think that is all the news for now. I will try and be a good blogger and update a bit more regularly!!!

Cheers and Happy New Year!